Detoxification or withdrawal is the first step on the road back to sanity. It usually involves medical care and supervision. This is a very crucial step, the brain has been affected by the drugs and is not balanced at this point, and rational thinking does not come easily for the addict in this stage of recovery. The addict will need to clear the drugs out of their system before they can listen rationally to any counseling or benefit from therapeutic activities. The brain will need to restructure a proper neurobalance.

    This restructuring is aided by vitamin supplementation. Deficiencies in specific vitamins, minerals and amino acids are known consequences of alcohol and drug abuse, due either to poor nutrition or to the action of the drugs themselves.

    Most chemical dependency programs offer some form of medical supervised detoxify or work in conjunction with a primary hospital to provide these services. Many detoxify programs use prescription medication to help with withdrawal symptoms however; there are programs that offer drug-free withdrawal consisting of nutritional supplements. Addicts taking large daily doses of drugs, especially physically addictive drugs like speed, cocaine, heroin, and alcohol will require a detoxification period. This period will also be the time when the addict is least able to think rationally and will crave the drug the most. The withdrawal process can take any where from 3-10 days on an average, after it is complete the addict is then ready to begin rehabilitation in a residential setting. In every method of de-addiction, small doses of alternate medicines are given to the patient and no separate medicine is available for the treatment.

    Ayurveda has a more advanced approach to the treatment of addiction which works on the principle of "Poison kills poison". The main work of this theory is to remove toxin level in the blood due to addiction. With the help of Ayurvedic medicine developed by Vaidya Ram Kumar Swami these toxin levels are eliminated with in 2 days.

     Till the time toxin is there in the blood, the person desires to have more of it but when the it is eliminated from the blood, the craving for addiction gets off and with the help of vaidya Swami's drug this is achieved with in 48 hours only and that too without any side effects or withdrawl syndromes.

     The same can be verified from any laboratory test after three days that there are no toxin levels in the blood.



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